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For foreign customers

Nessecity of backing iPhones data up

[2018.04.19] スマホスピタル横浜関内

カテゴリー:For foreign customers


We are Sma-Hospital  Kannai store.

We contract the iPhone’s repair.


Today is sunny day!

I like sunny wheather very much!!(*>v<)/


Well today, We’ll explain about “Nessecity of backing iPhones data up”.


We recommend to back your iPhone’s data up for PC or iCloud as frequently as possible.

Because, So to Speak, iPhone is the ‘tiny PC‘ and very fragile… 

And, It contains very important data for you.

In addtion, always is exposed accidental trouble.

In worst case, Your iPhone’s data will be lost!!

So, Backing up is very important.


Then, What should I do ?

At first, You could transport your iPhone’s data for iCloud.

But, There are 4 conditions for iCloud-Backup.

①Connect the charge cable to your iPhone

②Connect for Wi-Fi Network

③Your iPhone is locked

④Your iPhone is turned on

It need a little effort…

But, You could back the data up for your iCloud server when you are sleeping.


The other way of backup

The other way of backing up is connecting your iPhone for “iTunes”.

When sync your phone for iTunes, The data will save on your PC.

When your iPhone is broken and prepaired a new one, Please connect and synchronize this with your PC.

So, You could use your new iPhone such as before!


To the end…

Thank you for your watching this article!!

We could accept the other problems and repairs about your phones.

If you have a problem,Please call for +81 45-662-8666.

We’ll consult the promlem’s resolution by repair!

Or, you could reserve in advance from here!

You could receive the repair service at our store.

And, we locate here.



Sma-Hospital Yokohama-Kannai store

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BashamichiTanaka Building’s 3rd floor

Naka-ku Onoecho 5-62

Kanagawa-pref. Yokohama City

Call Number : +81 45-662-8666

Open : 11:00 AM

Close : 20:00 PM

E-mail : info@iphonerepair-kannai.com




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営業時間 11時〜20時(定休日なし)

電話番号 050-5445-9231

E-mail info@iphonerepair-kannai.com

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