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For foreign customers

When your phone submergenced…

[2019.04.28] スマホスピタル横浜関内

カテゴリー:For foreign customers

Hello, We are Smahospital Kannai Store.


How do you do if your phone submergenced?

It’s very  troubly… Submergenced phone will be not able to boot up with high probability.

And, it has various kind of danger for phone.


Today, We’d like to introduce how does it become if phone submergenced.


The symptoms

The symptoms of submergency are very wide range.

First, suubmergenced phone will not be able to boot up in high probability by water.

The sensitive equipment like today’s phone is so fragile.

Especially, This can say that it have no resistance against water even if It’s called the waterproof.

Because, It have a route that will be invasion route about speaker hole, earphone jack and the other gaps of phone.


And the other symptom is the short of phone’s bread board by water.

Parts what equipped on the bread board is so tiny and fragile.

So, It will break so easy by water and short that cause of these things.



These symptoms are so troubly. Because, your phone will be not able to use.

So as the measures,

  1. Please take your phone’s backup datas as often as you can.
  2. Please cunsult for us if your phone submergenced.(We can undertake repair)

It can mention these things.

Please use your phone with atention.


Thank you for your reading. See you again!



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